Out Of This Environment Imagery Of Our Planet's 'lungs'

Today (8 June) is World Oceans Evening and EUMETSAT is proud to bring you some out-of-this-environment imagery of world Earth’s oceans and seas.

We hope the animation and images below inspire and motivate readers to find out more on the UN’s purpose in designating a global Oceans Day:

“How to inform the public of the influence of human actions in the ocean, create a worldwide activity of citizens for the ocean, and mobilize and unite the world’s inhabitants on a task for the sustainable supervision of the world’s oceans. They are the lungs of our world, providing most of the oxygen we breathe.”

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Which Satellite Messenger Should I Get

Comparing the location X, Identify Gen3, Garmin inReach Mini and Garmin inReach Explorer+

With the recent start of two new satellite messengers, the Garmin inReach Mini and the SPOT X, backcountry enthusiasts have significantly more options than ever for staying linked when venturing off the grid. You might be pondering, ‘Which satellite messenger is best for me?’

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